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Just a quick post. I was roaming the web this morning and popped by The Bookish Brunette to see what was up and ran across a dialog she had going about Did Not Finish (DNF) books.

In the book blogging world, bloggers often come up against books that for one reason or another they can’t finish. We’ve all done it, whether it was a Tolstoy classic or the Twilight series, you just get to a point where you just couldn’t slog through it. Now imagine you’re a blogger and you come across a book in your 300+ To Be Read (TBR) pile and it’s slow as a dog. You’re 50 pages into it before you finally call it quits, what do you do? Still review it? Do you rate it still? Or let it go quietly into the night?

Ashley at The Bookish Brunette opens the dialog up and covers some really good points, such as having not finished it, do you still have the right to rate the entire book? Check out the dialog here… The Bookish Brunette.


  • Small Book Blogger

    Excellent topic! On a personal level I have a hard time NOT finishing a book, even if it means massive scanning and skipping. LOL! Homemade cliff notes? However, if it’s a book someone has recommended to me or, usually it’s in a stack of books my mother-in-law wants me to read, I will feel less guilty not finishing the book. I just make sure that I go to Goodreads and get plot answers and ideas from people who did read it and left reviews. LOL!

  • Becky Banks

    Cliff notes! Yes, Goodreads is sometimes a good place for getting just enough of the story to figure out the ending. I personally have a short attention span and am notorious for not finishing books – though I always tell myself that I intend to. Like the book I started reading three years ago, I still intend to finish it. Someday… :0)

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