Slash n’ Burn

It is interesting. I’ve gotten to the last 25 pages of editing Of Gears and Blood manuscript and stopped. I stopped so long that when I picked it back up this week I decided that the ending had to go. So I ripped it out. Yes, like a woman who hates the new drapery pattern – I tore them down and have burned them.

How does it end now? I’ve no clue but it’s coming in pieces and it’s really creepy. As in I have to work on it in small segments because diving into the mind of a murderer is like turning your world upside down and calling it right side up. Punching a human being until their nose breaks then bleeds – the feel of that blood, the pain, the concussion of the punch, all of it. I do a little at a time.

Anyway! What does this week bring you? Change? Same ol’ same ol’?

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