Modicum of Normalcy

Warning: this is a random post.
I’ve been laid up with my annual cold from Wednesday thru today. Little on the mildly insane side today as I’ve watched my entire Netflix queue, read all my fun fluffy (read: easy on a snot filled head) books and now have just the internet to entertain me… which as we all know is the rabbit hole of rabbit holes.

Well, I’m off to google stalk, chat, take cold medication and be a downright nuisance to anyone within arms and vocal reach. And since the hubby left me to my devices that means the only ones left to do my bidding are my pug minions.  Yes? Hello? World Domination is that you? It is? I’m coming darling. *cough, cough, HACK*

Anyone have some fun and entertaining sites they’d like to share? I’m even open for Netflix Insta-watch recommendations too!!

Speaking of entertaining, have folks been over to Bad Lip Reading? Here’s a funny one:


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