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Becky at The Good E Reader

Me in an interview for ebook of the week! Click link below to view it.

My girl Mercy over at Good E Reader asked me the other day if I’d be game for doing my upcoming feature for ebook of the week via Spreecast with her. After .0002 seconds of deliberation I said, Y E S ! and went about my merry way until it was time to do the interview yesterday evening.

I suppose it was right before the interview that I realized it would be recorded. Recorded, my face and all the words I say entombed for an eternity. And along with that eternity it would be blasted out for the ENTIRE world to see. And because I’m an optimist I assume that roughly the entire population of the world will see it – despite their access to the internet.

Though in the aftermath of the interview I can reflect and safely say that I avoided lighting myself on fire and doing anything that would prevent me running for president in the future. And I did it for an entire 4.45 minutes. Not bad, not bad at all.

Check out Mercy and me in our interview: click here.


  • D.Anderson

    So Cool – great interview! I liked hearing how you pronounce the names. I was reading them wrong – time for another trip to Scotland!

  • Becky Banks

    Thanks D! And yes, you're absolutely right – it IS time for another trip to Scotland! Especially since we're running low on whisky in the Banks-Mannthey household – which as you know is a dirty shame. :0D

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