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Lover and a Fighter

Photo courtesy: http://cydwicker.com

Last week Friday, my good friend and literary genius Kate Carman, while in town from Seattle helped me to clean out my wine cellar. During one of the wine cellar clean-out evenings, the recent blog tour came up in discussion, and we got to talking about Rowan MacLaoch. Rowan, being dubbed a Renaissance man by my girl over at Her Book Self made us start a debate on what Renaissance man really means. Wikipedia became involved when we just couldn’t agree, and the final say was that it was knowing a little bit about a lot of things. The details are hazy, but at some point it had been described as a yin and yang. A lover and a fighter.

“Wait” I said putting down my wine glass and lifting my hand, “waitwaitwait. Did you just call him a lover and a fighter?”
Kate, “Who? Oh, yeah, Rowan. He’s like a lover and a fighter he’s got both you know?”
“No really though, he’s –“
“Omigod!! He’s a fighter pilot!! A literal lover and a fighter!!”
Insert squeals of pun-y laughter here.

The photo above is my mental depiction of what I think a renaissance man looks like. But, what are your thoughts on modern day renaissance men? Who are they and what does it mean to you?


  • Becky Banks

    Ha-ha!! I didn't even think about that (remember in my visual of this type of guy, he's wearing tights…). Mannthey totally is, he can go from remodeling the bathroom to kickin' it sipping beer with the ladies. :0) And be completely comfortable the whole time.

    And for those of you who have no idea who Mannthey is, he's my husband.

    Which come to think of it, do each of our husbands/boyfriends/partners display some of these renaissance traits?

  • lisa :)

    I was definitely thinking of the term as meaning "jack of all trades". I guess I always associate it with being physically strong but also refined and well cultured.

    Have you ever seen the movie Renaissance Man with Danny DeVito? (Really good flick, BTW) Basic plot is that DeVito takes a job as an English teacher on an army base and helps a group of recruits learn Shakespeare, but there's a bit of dialog in the film about being a soldier and a scholar so I guess that reminded me of Rowan too!

  • Anonymous

    Well, Renaissance man is most often used to describe a person who is well educated and or excels in a wide variety of subjects or fields. A chameleon if you will… It can be said that β€œrenaissance man” is a common term of a polymath. A polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas, for instance Thomas Jefferson or Leonardo da Vinci. A dilettante is a synonym, I think. Personally, I like the hot well toned idea of a renaissance man… he usually ends up as Prince Charming (for a memorable one night stand or Ever After). LOL!

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