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I just put a little blurb on the website about Rowan’s favorite whisky, the Talisker 25 year. It’s quite a complex and delicious whisky that suits his personality quite well. So as the Facebook page says:

For all those who want to sip what Rowan sips, taste what Rowan tastes, and experience things a chieftain would experience, lets take a trip to Talisker distillery. Shall we? Enjoy a nip of his favorite, the Talisker 25 year.​/en_us/Our-Whiskies/Talisker
Whisky tasting in local pub
Whisky sampling at Aberlour . . . at 10am!

Not to be excluded would be our main gal Cole, growing up in the South she had been exposed to excellent bourbons, (which some could argue is just whisk(e)y in virgin casks – making them sweeter than their Scottish counter parts which are aged in used casks (wine, bourbon, sherry, etc.)) so her palate was accustomed to more sweet whiskys such as those found in the Speyside whisky region. In her evening of whisky sampling at the local pub with the wretched Kelly she sampled and discovered her favorites: the Abelhour distillery’s A’bunadh, Benromach’s Organic (aged in virgin pine casks), and the ancient and ever lovely Oban.

Enjoy!  ;0)


  • Becky Banks

    Hi Annie!
    Yes! We sampled all of them, the set at Aberlour we helped a couple with their set of whiskys – they had to leave early to head to the airport. So of course we volunteered to finish their flight of six samples. Keep in mind one of them was the "raw" spirit, aka moonshine. The walk home was a fun one. ;0)

  • Cyndi Tefft

    I haven't tried the Talisker yet. My friends and I have had a couple of whisky nights where we all contribute, then pass around dixie cups and sip, then rate them. A new fave is Jura (just tried that one this year).

    So fun to find a kindred spirit!


  • Becky Banks

    Hi Cyndi!
    Oh la-la! Jura whisky looks amazing!! Popped over to their website and became a Diurach, not sure how that happened . . . pretty sure I could spend the entire day at their website. Have you been to the Isle of Jura? I'm feeling like I need to take another trip to our beloved Scotland!

    Thank you for sharing and it is wonderful to find a kindred spirit!


  • lisa :)

    I always said it's obvious when an author does their research, and this definitely looks like very enjoyable research! Thanks for sharing such fun details!

  • Becky Banks

    Hi Lisa!
    Yes indeed it was a blast, and I found a new respect for the old ways of distilling whisky. The minute details that can have a large impact on the final flavor. For example the whiskys that are stilled out on the isles and coasts have more of a "sea" flavor. It's said that merely being in the ocean air is what gives it the taste! Truly awesome. :0)


    PS – I'm looking forward to the tour stop at Her Book Self on Sept 27!

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