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It happens to every child at least once in your life. Sometimes in the teen years and others not until they are about to die – we all go home. Not because we’re forced to but rather there’s that indescribable pull on our proverbial umbilical cords taking us there. I’ve been called home many a time, but I’m incredibly good at compartmentalizing my life and throwing myself headlong into work and other fabulous distractions to not notice the calling. That was until several weeks ago when the calling became more of a shout and ignore it, I could not. Thus, my pilgrimage home begins. My journey will take me away from the life I’ve built here for about a month, I’ll see family: an ailing grandmother, a brother with a newborn, mother, father, sister, aunts, uncles, sister’s in law, all of them mine, my family. Toss in there life long friends in the place I was born and raised, and you’ve got home for me. Home. That feels nice.

And you thought I was done there? Nope. Home for me is Maui Hawai’i. And when I tell my coworkers at my day job this – after their initial rage over my abandonment then sympathies for my ailing grandmother – they look at me and say “I hate you. Send us pictures?” And I’m sure they’re not asking for images of granny in her hospital bed.

So this is what I’m going to do, for the next month I’ll post images and maybe a video blog or two and together we can take this pilgrimage home. Aloha ~


  • Anonymous

    Have a great time at home, although I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I remember her and your grandfather fondly, bringing their dogs up to the vet. Say hello to her and to your mom too. Enjoy a well-deserved break. I need to get another book from you, I gave mine away before I even got a chance to read it! Jane

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