And it begins!!

Awe ya, come to mama!

The aftermath of launch day was awesome – I spent some considerable time toasting with a new-author gift I got… OBAN!! Yum!!

For those who have already downloaded and read The Legend of Lady MacLaoch just a heads up check back regularly as this blog will start to morph over the next few weeks to feed your need of all things Scottish and Rowan related. Your welcome. :0)

This week we have the first set of FRESHLY printed books arriving, and once I’m done smelling them I’m gonna get my pen out and start signin’!! Who wants the first one?!?!
Btw – if you would like an autographed copy and not sure your name is on the list – send me an email at beckybanksonline(at)gmail(dot)com.

Let the journey begin!!

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