Question Answered – Pre-Order

So, many of you have asked about pre-ordering Legend. Pre-ordering from Amazon something that you, me, and everyone else has done at least once in their online shopping life. So it should be easy and fully automated right? Wrong.

This morning I dove into the subject with some depth on the Amazon forums and discovered that pre-ordering is on a case by large-publisher case basis. >.<  This in part due to that it’s a MANUAL process. Yes, I said manual, as in Joe-Bob goes into your account and personally sets it up on the back end of the website for pre-ordering. He probably signs his name in there somewhere too: Joe-Bob was here.

Well, no worries! Millions will be made on this round and Ha’iku Press will be able to negotiate for pre-ordering to be available for the next novel! Yaaay!

But before the millions are made, if anyone knows a C Level manager in Amazon, give ’em a jingle and let them know you’d like Legend on pre-order. :0)

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