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Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what a new author does a week and a half before her book launches? Well, let me open that door for you. She has panic attacks, like mini timed explosions, with each new item that she discovers needs to be handled before launch. Then, when the husband offers her, during one of these diatribes, a few kind but meaningless words, “You’ll be fine.” She unfortunately gobbles him up and regurgitates him to the Kindle gods as a sacrifice.

Yes, things are a bit hectic at the moment. Especially with the last minute game changer with the printer (left Lulu’s for Createspace – a surprise I’ll have to share at a later date) and it might be a tad tight to get the manuscript approved for release by the 27th. Enter panic attack #44. However, despite the possible lateness of the paperback, the Kindle version is still on track and there are rumors flying around that it might be available before the 27th. But then the automatic converter from InDesign to epub caused my system to crash we had panic attack #45. But then today the husband showed me a plug-in from Amazon (tell all your publishing friends this) for InDesign that direct converts the InDesign manuscript to Kindle format. And damn skippy if that didn’t just work like a dream.

Yes, chaos reigns. Realistically though when all the items that are left to do are laid out, this whole process is moving forward like a well oiled machine. Its engineer however feels oddly like a chain-smoker pounding red bulls in the ops room. The reward however is worth it all, and next week while y’all are luxuriating the pages of Legend know that I’ll be sprawled on my couch with a well deserved whisky in hand.  :0)  


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