Yeah right.

LOL! I just read the last entry. It’s currently February and with the exit of January it took the hopes of the book being published then with it. Now I’m reassessing (we’ve had a hiccup in editing – soon to be ironed out) and it looks like Legend will be ready to roll closer to Easter. While it’s nail biting to be pushed out so far it’s also very exciting because the book is going slowly from great to awesome, one word at a time.

By the way if you’re looking for a great book to read in the interim, check out Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. AWESOME!! I’m gonna five-star it on Goodreads. And if you aren’t a Goodreads person yet – dude sign-up.

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  • Ian B

    WHAT?!?!? I have to wait longer? Sigh… If you say so I shall wait…

    How bout now?


    Okaaaay I'll stop….


    😀 Love you Sis can't wait for this! It'll be awesome!

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