Nobody One Will Love You Like I Do

I was looking in the mirror this morning doing what I do most mornings, which is thinking about the manuscript edits I’ll be making while unconsciously applying my make-up (yes, unconsciously applying makeup – you’d be surprised how good it looks even unconsciously done) when I remembered something my editor-muse said of the manuscript not 24 hours before. She said, “Well I think that’s fine, you wrap it up great at the end when he offers her the job, and its a surprise. You don’t want to lead the reader on too much about what will happen at the end.” 

Excellent advice. Only, I had deleted that part of the manuscript five months ago and rewrote the entire ending.

Thinking about this I realized I’ve actually done this to my writing group members. Numerous times actually – there’s the midnight scramble to read their material and in that haste miss details that they’ve painstakingly edited. Then in the midst of the meeting suggest that they add something and they say, “Did you read page 86? I mention it there? Should I make it stand out more?”
Whoops! Nope, didn’t read it.

So meanwhile my editor-muse had agreed the “new” ending was better I realized that I’ll still be the only one who knows every scene that has lived and died in this damn manuscript, not to mention every word that I’ve killed or created. And with this I say to my manuscript: Nobody will love you like I do. 

Being the manuscript that it is though, it response? “Sod-off and get back to work.” Right.  

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