Status… better than quo

Alex O’Loughlin

These are exciting times!

The status right now is that the book is in the capable hands of my editor Anne deRidder who is reading line for line word for word of the entire manuscript and sculpting it to the golden masterpiece it will be at it’s finish.

Meanwhile my peer review ladies have devoured all those same words and the feedback is in, just a few minor changes but aside from that there are four swooning ladies for a said Mr. Rowan MacLaoch… and well whisky, Scotland, and jam & nutella sandwiches.

For those who are interested here are a couple notable quotes from peer review:

A comment early on at the beginning:I have a feeling I am going to have some late nights with this book! A sign of a good book for me is one that I don’t want to put down and this is surely it.”

“Becky—I love your writing style! Thanks for sharing this with me. As I am reading this, I keep thinking Becky–this is it—this is huge!”

Gerard Butler

“The thing I love the best is the chemistry between the main characters…”

Another outcome of the peer review session was the debate over what Hollywood actor would be cast for Rowan (main character, clan chief of the MacLaochs) and while it was a passionate debate there was only one clear winner, Alex O’Loughlin. If anyone is in touch with him can you let him know? Thanks.

Though I must have the last say… who else could be a better Scottish clan chief other than native Scotsman, Gerard Butler?

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