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    No. Not easy. What's easy is to be cliched, even laughable "Pulsing manhood" etc.

    I have gone ahead and left my sex scene in my novel against the advice of my hired editor (build tension, leave em hanging, she said) but I hate that coyness in a book. THey were working up to it and by golly they DID it!

    So I'm fighting for my sex scene in this latest rewrite. It's all about healing. Sexual healing. *wink* and thus, important.

    The characters told me so, so it can't be wrong.

    "The kiss was a conversation: a greeting, an acknowledgment, a statement of intent."

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    Ugh! The "build tension, leave em hanging" thing drives me nuts. I agree, that after all the build up between the characters there has to be release. If you made a petition to keep your sex scene, I'd sign it.

    Btw LOVE the quote… when's your release date? Ahem, book release date? ;0)

  • neurontin 300 mg cap

    LOL! on the release thing 🙂

    Oh ye of great faith! I am sendign my first book back to the agent after EXTENSIVE rewrties to see if she'll sign me now. Sometime this week. Then, she has to sell the book. So who knows? But I'm hopeful.

    Ever hopeful. Like a dog that way.

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