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    This is a quickie to let folks know that the page dedicated to Legend is finally up and running! See above, or click here. Also, with the excellent encouragement from my peer reviewer Annie Small I have an o-fficial author’s book page on Goodreads. View The Legend of Lady MacLaoch’s page here. If you have a Goodreads account be sure to add Legend to your list of “Can’t Wait Books For 2011” — WHOA!! It’s actually happening. (!!!)

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    Illustration by Hoang Nguyen from Diana Gabaldon’s The Exile In the life of a writer you will sometimes, and more often in love stories, be called upon to write a sex scene. Now before you wet your panties thinking that it must be the easiest thing that a writer can do, let me let you down slowly. It’s not. It’s the most voyeuristiclly difficult thing you’ll ever do… with one caveat: only if you’re any good at it. Now. The first thing to remember in writing is that as a writer you are a facilitator, this only applies obviously about stories that aren’t about you. Being a facilitator means that…