Old School

I ask you this: when was the last time you wrote by hand? Recently? Like your grocery list? Or maybe your things to do list? Or the brief colorful memo to your coworker? Sure, you’ve used your writing skills recently… now I ask, when was the last time you wrote eight pages by hand?

Yesterday, I found myself standing in the road looking into my car wondering where the hell I’d left my laptop, cause I sure didn’t have it with me. Of course after I calmed down realizing that it’d not been stolen but was simply still waiting by the door at home for me, I began to wonder what I was to do with the hour I had for my lunch writing session. That last sentence should surprise you. Because I was at work, and what I have tons of at work is paper and pens. So, once my wits came back I did things old school.

Every writer is different but in my case writing by hand works too slowly for my mind, only typing can keep up with the scenes whizzing from my brain into my fingers to be quickly typed in. Not to mention it’s much easier come editing time because you don’t have that extra (painful) step of transcribing the manuscript. However, I found that writing by hand slowed me down, let my mind mull over the actions of my characters and set the scenes up at the right pace for this final piece of the book. The ending to Legend has a lot of pieces culminating together and the slower I write allows for my mind to stitch together all those pieces and place well spoken words to the page.

It was beautiful, so beautiful that I wrote by hand again today. And if I were a waxing romantic I’d say that I’ll write by hand for the rest of this book – but that’d be a lie. Transcribing is truly a b-i-t-c-h, and one I don’t want to mess with more than necessary. So tomorrow, I’m back to the future… that is unless I forget my laptop again.

For those of you who are in Portland, this weekend is the second annual NW Book Festival downtown in Pioneer Square.

Good enin’ and Happy Hump Day!

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