How Much is that Book in the Window…

Short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, long ones, paperback, hardback, UV coated, 12 pt. font size.

I had a speed learning course in book printing yesterday… and I’m still learning. For example, in the last book you read did you notice the width of the margins? So much so you could recall if they were .25 or .5 inches?

At one point John, my purveyor of book printing world, was showing me the millionth thing that I could alter which was, “Do you know what kind of font you’d like it to be in?”
I looked at the book samples he brought, “Um does it matter?” I asked thinking who would give a shit between Times New Roman and Helvetica? “I mean if people are paying more attention to the type of font I’ve used… I’ve failed as an author. No one should be that bored reading a book.”

Next steps are to get a quote so we can see how much self-publishing will cost…

Anyone care to wagger what 10,000 books will cost?
Whatever the number is, I’m sure a strong drink chaser will be necessary.



  • Becky Banks

    Ian! You are probably right, I still have yet to hear from him on cost…I'm sure he had to go out and buy another abacus in order to tally the estimate. :0)

    On a separate site that offers services with the printing of your book I got a number that was $13/book…OMFG.


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