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    It’s O-fficial! The Legend of Lady MacLaoch has a for real, honest to goodness, ain’t-kidding-around ISBN number!!! Here it is from Lulu Publishing: DearBecky Banks, An ISBN has been assigned to your book —————————— ——–ISBN #: 978-0-578-07566-2————————————–Content ID: 9652597————————————–Book Title: The Legend of Lady MacLaoch————————————–   Watch out world here we come!! For those of you who are curious on what the fuss is about, the ISBN number is much like the number assigned to produce in your local supermarket. This standardized number now can be key punched into any book retailer’s computer and all the book’s info (title, price, size, publisher, etc.) will pop up. This also means that…

  • gabapentin buy online australia
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    From a writing stand point things are quite mellow – edits for Legend are due back mid December. I’m putzing around with updating the Legend synopsis – my writers group and peer reviewers said it sucked, amen for honesty – and getting an ISBN number for it too. If you’re bored and would like to know all there is to know about ISBN’s check out this article through Lulu’s Publishing: click here. Also, I suppose now would be a good time to start a rumor about book giveaways. I’ve got a couple scheduled around release time so check back here often for updates on how to get your name in…

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    They say that writing is a muscle and it needs to be exercised otherwise it atrophies into nothingness and your forced to move like a worm everywhere. Okay, so it doesn’t really say that, but writing is a muscle and to work mine I’m writing a lil’ short small (anyother adjectives I can squeek in there??) tiny story. Here’s a piece (caution this is unedited, unproof read raw material… oh and copyright). The rain hammered down on the windshield as Jenny and I made our way to the mechanic shop. I had been so relieved to finally find a BMW mechanic that didn’t have a drinking problem or was as…

  • prescription drug neurontin 600 mg
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    This is an ode to my editor Anne… whilst she slaves away editing line after line and word after word of the entire 175 pages of my manuscript, I pace. I fill the time with necessary filler of locating a printer for my brick-and-mortar release, write catchy synopsis, build The Legend website, put together a Book Sheet, ponder the implications of the ISBN number, and create a release calendar for these final months. But in the back of my head I’m always wondering, how bloody with edits will it look like when I get it? What is she doing now? What page is she on? Is it wrong to want…

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    Alex O’Loughlin These are exciting times! The status right now is that the book is in the capable hands of my editor Anne deRidder who is reading line for line word for word of the entire manuscript and sculpting it to the golden masterpiece it will be at it’s finish. Meanwhile my peer review ladies have devoured all those same words and the feedback is in, just a few minor changes but aside from that there are four swooning ladies for a said Mr. Rowan MacLaoch… and well whisky, Scotland, and jam & nutella sandwiches. For those who are interested here are a couple notable quotes from peer review: A…

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    This is a quickie to let folks know that the page dedicated to Legend is finally up and running! See above, or click here. Also, with the excellent encouragement from my peer reviewer Annie Small I have an o-fficial author’s book page on Goodreads. View The Legend of Lady MacLaoch’s page here. If you have a Goodreads account be sure to add Legend to your list of “Can’t Wait Books For 2011” — WHOA!! It’s actually happening. (!!!)

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    Illustration by Hoang Nguyen from Diana Gabaldon’s The Exile In the life of a writer you will sometimes, and more often in love stories, be called upon to write a sex scene. Now before you wet your panties thinking that it must be the easiest thing that a writer can do, let me let you down slowly. It’s not. It’s the most voyeuristiclly difficult thing you’ll ever do… with one caveat: only if you’re any good at it. Now. The first thing to remember in writing is that as a writer you are a facilitator, this only applies obviously about stories that aren’t about you. Being a facilitator means that…