Fallen Off the Rocker

That’s not the title of the book I’m currently reading, rather its the state of the sad affairs this blog has gotten into! Last entry…. October. Sigh.

Eat, Pray, Love. Beautiful book, however something happened to me when I got to the pray part. My brain called bullshit. The food I could do, I could wallow in it with her. I even started cooking more pasta and dreaming of Italy and its succulent gravies and lucious desserts. Then the India part happened. I’m not sure if my brain made the transition from food to praying well, or it had to do with the large setting of people singing all together. Large groups singing, chanting, humming, etc. in general make me quesy so naturally this chapter I hit a wall and put down the book being unmotivated to pick it up again even with the last chapter on love. Oh well.
With that behind me I moved on to bigger, larger, more consuming things, say for example the Diana Gabaldon series. I wrote about the Outlander, the first of her books (blog entry: Addiction – the long winded kind) and am still in the series, because well, they’re huge. Roughly 1,000 pages, small font huge. And yet she still has me lapping up the characters and their stories. I have to admit though I did some skimming in the second book which I advise to not do, because you’ll end up missing key character references. Right now I’m on the fifth book in the series and it goes well though I think it’s time I posted the other books I’ve been reading in between.

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